Happy Valentine's Day!

Another Valentine's Day together =) 

Beautiful flowers from my man ...  with my troop!

My fav pic! With our Taito doggie won at Tokyo =D 

All my fav ...

I could look at them all day everyday .. 

Happy days! 

Didn't really have plans for the day .. we just went for lunchie.  Lol, like old couple ... 

So beautiful! We went home and watched a movie .. mm, my fav. Lazed on couch and just zone out with a good movie.

Then, he cooked a nice simple dinner as we were still too stuffed from our heavy lunch, hehe! 

Looking forward to our trip in 4 weeks! Time is flying but not quick enough! Happy days =)))

Happy 2016!!

Helloooooo ... 2016!!!

I had a really blessed 2015. It was full of exciting travels, glorious hiking, good food, delicious home baking, deep reading and self discovery .. 

This year, I'm feeling different. Still adventurous but a little reserved. I feel like I've accomplished a lot the last few months and years and I'm ready to take a back seat. Take a little break, less planning and just look forward to what's coming this year.

Pretty contented with everything at the moment and I really couldn't ask for more. The last few weeks has been extremely hectic with my brother =) and Leon's side visiting us for an entire month so this week's break is very much welcomed. 

Last night, we dragged ourselves to the city to watch the new year's fireworks. It was a relieve to have sub 30 deg weather after a day of 39 tops. Was absolutely roasting outside and I'm so glad we now have air conditioning at home. 

So, this year's aim is pretty mellow.. 
A. Travel and hike as much as I can (as usual)
B. Reduce junk intake and exercise regularly (yet again)
C. Learn a new dish every week
D. Be proactive in every aspect
E. Be patient and humble

Fireworks around the city ... to be honest, I thought it was better last year. Felt the fireworks was too sparse and far away from each other so the wow factor was kinna lost. Moomba was better than this!

Crowd control was lacking as well. I also think we were really exhausted and just wanted to get home as quickly as we possibly could. Lol .. signs of aging?

Anyhow, happy new year to everyone and let's hope it will be another amazing year ahead =)

2015 Reading List

2015 has been a good reading year. I discovered the local suburb library and it has been an absolute pleasure re-immersing myself in books. The library's book selection is vast and I can practically request for any titles and even if the book is unavailable, the library is happy to purchase it. What more could one ask for?

So in 12 months, I have accomplished the following:

1. If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon (probably my 5th time rereading this)

2. Death in the Clouds by Agatha Christie 
3. Double Yoke by Buchi Amecheta 

4. Inferno by Dan Brown 

5. Finding Me by Michelle Knight 
6. Stepford Wives by Ira Levin 
7. Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James
8. Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky 

9. Hope: A Memoir of Survival in Cleveland by Amanda Berry and Gina De Jesus  
10. Rosemay's Baby by Ira Levin 
11. A Kiss Before Dying by Ira Levin  

12. The World's Ten Most Evil Men by Nigel Cawthorne

13. Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella 

14. A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen

15. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie
16. The Girl On The Train by Paula Hawkins
17. ABC Murders by Agatha Christie

18. The Garden of Evening Mists by Tan Twan Eng
19. Maus: A Survivor's Tale by Spiegelman (My favourite book of the year!! - thanks LP for recommending!!)
20. Persepolis: The Story of a Childhood by Marjane Satrapi
21. Persepolis 2 by Marjane Satrapi
22. The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly by Hwang Sun Mi

Not too bad, yea? My initial target was 24 books in a year but I came short of it. Still, I'm pretty pleased with my effort and look forward to accomplish more reading in 2016.

Knowledge is power!

Hub's Birthday at Press Club

So for hub's birthday, we went for a nice little dinner at the Press Club, and oh my goodness, it was sublime!

Happy face! Initially, we wanted to go for the 6 course but the waitress was like, no-no 4 is enough. Okkk ... we decided we'll order more if we aren't full but she assured us we will be FULL! 

We saw this at some tables and was curious but couldn't find it on the menu. We were told it was a surprise! Surprise entree .. lol and reallyyyyyyy yum and fun! The bread was to die for ..  

The food was soooo good and so beautifully presented.

 A happy me!

 Ok, I had to order this ... after watching Masterchef, lol! 

Entre ... 

Another surprise! 

It was a yogurt ice cream with assorted nuts, and I could have 10 of these ... soooo good! 

We had 3 desserts, we figured we might as well go all out! 

To pretty to eat!

The best bit, it was paid for =) Gift voucher from our wedding gifts ... Lucky us!

Hub's Birthday ...

Leon's birthday weekend =) What a full on day! We did so much ... and ended with a yummy japanese buffet. I think it was our first or second japanese meal since the amazing Japanese food at Hawaii.

Dessert ... many many scoops of black sesame ice cream!

Yummmmm ... 

Our fav rolls ... and sashimi!

Just before dinner ... at home waiting to go out .. 

Treated him to a movie! Is it our first and only movie this year? 

We had a blast at the arcade ... playing prize clamping game ... 

Basketball ... 

Shooting .. 

Bashing ... 

More on next post .. 

Snow Much Fun!

Have not blogged for a longggg time and I have a backlog of unfinished post so I'm just gonna run through them so I can move on, it's nearly 2016! 

So here we are ... on a sunny Sunday in early August, mid winter .. and the snow was full on at Mount Buller. I haven't been up here for years ... since ... uni? I remember I took some ski lessons back then but I have forgotten everything. And I'm now not very fond of freezing cold weather.

Nevertheless, we haven't been up the mountains together before, so .. 

On the way up the mountains, the town before the winding roads ... we had our snow chains tutorial. Not fun, we later found out .. it was wet and dirty and you had to get on your bum and back on the ground to make sure the chains are properly placed on.

But the drive up was beauuuuuutiful ....  To Leon's annoyance, I put on Frozen's songs, lol!

I amused myself taking photos of Leon snowboarding .. 

I was secretly laughing inside .. too funny!

Meanwhile, here's me with my work of art ... 

Leon on his way up the sky lift .. 

Us ... freezing.

So cold that it was such a relieve to shelter in the restaurant ... 

That's it for me! One trip up the mountains for this year and it is enough ... brrrrr!

Bersih 4 at Melbourne

So we had another round of Bersih, fourth to be precised. This was my second Bersih at Melbourne, the previous at 2012. Time flies! I remember being overwhelmed by the crowd then. 

And this time, it was no different. The crowd was even bigger, if anything. It came at no surprise as our beloved country was (and still is) being compounded by endless scandals. 

Lol ... my friend saw me from the rally below. Can you spot me?

Was proud to see the staggering number of Malaysians who bothered to turn up. The weather was typical Melbourne, raining and sunny every alternate 5 minutes and freezing yes, we have yet to shake off winter. At one moment, the rain was so bad that it sent everyone helter skelter around Fed Square. I thought that was it, the end of the rally? But when the rain paused, people found their way back to the centre and the speeches continued. How dedicated!  

 Some hilarious moments .. 

So I've been asked what is the outcome of all these? Was it any use when all of us know deep down change will probably not happen? For me, yes .. change doesn't happen overnight but all these are positive signs that we're on track of reaching a similar goal. And most importantly, it has created awareness among the ignorant. Although I may not be home in the near future but I hope that there will be positive changes for the ones I love back at home.

I believe ..

Destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice.